How to Apply for Membership

1: Applicants for membership should email or mail a completed application form to their sponsoring church. (Select a format and click to download application form: PDF | MSWord). In the event the applicant does not have a sponsor, please submit completed applications to

2: After certifying the application, the sponsoring church will submit the application to the membership committee for processing via

3: The membership committee will evaluate the application. If approved, the applicant will be placed before the membership for vote. If disapproved, the applicant and sponsor church will be notified.

4: The membership will vote on the application by email or at a national conference. If an email vote is less than unanimous, the applicant will be voted on at the next annual conference.

5: New members will be formally introduced at the national conference after entrance into membership or at the national conference at which their membership is approved.

Notice to all applicants: Prospective members should read the following statement from the FIRE Executive Board re: Charismatics in FIRE: “FIRE is a noncharismatic association. We regard article 2 on Holy Scripture to exclude additional revelation. While we understand that some of our members are not certain of an absolute cessationist position, churches and individuals which promote and practice charismatic gifts should find ecclesiastical fellowship in other associations which share their view on these issues.”